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Key Stage 3 - Pathway 1

Class Teacher: Rachael Eddins

Key Stage 3 - Pathway 2

Class Teacher: Tracey McMahon

Key Stage 3 - Pathway 3

Class Teacher and Pathway 3 and 4 Leader: Eleanor Biggs

Key Stage 3 - Pathway 4

Class Teacher: Shiv Bartley

Key Stage 4 - Pathway 1

Class Teacher and Pathway 1 and 2 Leader: Matthew Thomas

Key Stage 4 - Pathway 2

Class Teacher: Berris Ledgister

Key Stage 4 - Pathway 3 & 4

Class Teacher: Louise Everist

Key Stage 5 - Pathway 1

Class Teachers: Naureen Mahmood-Yousaf & Carl Lane

Key Stage 5 - Pathway 2

Class Teacher: Siobhan Burnley

Key Stage 5 - Pathway 3

Class Teacher: Helen Tasker

Key Stage 5 - Pathway 4

Class Teacher: Amy Swain

Key Stage 4 - Revision Schedule

For Pathway 1 Y11- GCSE Science


At Oscott Manor School, we work closely with parents,
carers and other professionals to ensure the safety and
well-being of our pupils.

Should concerns arise about your child we will follow
statutory guidance and local procedures set out by
Birmingham Children's Trust which can be found here:

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